About Us

Daybreak Limited is a Below the Line communications company that provides breakthrough logistic and promotional thinking.We create
and implement targeted “own-able” and consumer relevant promotional platforms that build brand equity.

Our multi-sensory execution ensures that the concerns of consumers are dealt with in the correct cultural context. Our creative staff is
mandated to craftcommunication that not only disposes those consumers positively towards brands, but also makes brands more
relevant to the consumer thus making theconsumer cross the threshold from positive brand association, to trial, and then adoption.
The delivery of this message by skilled facilitators ensures that ‘the message sent is the message received’.

Our edge is our intimate knowledge of consumers and our experience in the interactive marketing arena. Our commitment to maintaining
closeness to the market enables us to provide relevant solutions each time. Our passion for consumer insight also enables our staff to
relate with consumers at their level and provides our clients with consistent information about the changing trends and patterns of their
consumers’ lifestyles.

Our Approach
Daybreak Limited designs services based on the following principles:

• The consumer is the focal point and all communication must be developed around him, to suit his needs
• The campaign/activity must address relevance i.e. the consumer's ability to internalize the brand benefits at a personal level, and his ability to project
   himself as using and enjoying the product. Only then, can the consumer cross the threshold from positive brand association, to trial, to adoption.
• Our responsibility as the messenger means that we must invest in keeping abreast of the changes in the consumer behavior through consumer insight activities.
• The participation of the consumer is critical at each event.
• We believe that relationships with our clients are based on partnership. We shall therefore commit to total exclusivity by category.

These services are offered to companies desiring to achieve one on one interaction with their consumers at different stages of the brand
communication cycle. Each of our solutions is tailor-made for the client and the consumer who it targets. Through each of these activities,
we enable consumers to live the brand by providing a unique brand experience. By creating an environment that reflects and reinforces the
brand, we open up new areas of association and engagement.

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