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  • Daybreak Limited is a Below the Line communications company that provides break through logistic and promotional thinking.We create and implement
    targeted “own-able” and consumer relevant promotional platforms that build brand equity.

    Our edge is our intimate knowledge of consumers and our experience in theinteractive marketing arena. Our commitment to maintaining closeness to the
    market enables us to provide relevant solutions each time.

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Shell Advance Campaign
Shell Advance Campaign

We were commissioned to implement the corporate
and experiential product launch of Shell Advance
Motorcycle Oils. The project also entail mass training, selling and merchandising. This project is on going.

Vision 2030 Roadshows
Vision 2030 Roadshows

Vision 2030 commissioned our company to carry out
a road show campaign with key objective being to increase brand awareness country-wide.  The campaign also entailed educating the public about Vision 2030.

Orange e-Jaze Campaign
Orange e-Jaze Campaign

E-Jaze is a method of topping up without the conventional use of an actual top up card. This project key tasks entail increasing visibility, increasing product awareness  and recruiting dealers national wide.

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